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Enrolment Application

*A non-refundable enrolment fee of R200.00 is required upon enrolment.

*School fees – R700.00 a month




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Application Form
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Enrolment Application

Indemnity & Agreement Rainbow kidz Preschool referred to as “the school”

I (parent/guardian’s name),______________________________________ of the child (child’s name),____________________________________________hereby agree to the following agreement and indemnity set out by the school. All school policies, including and not limited to below, will be implemented upon enrolment of your child at the school.

1. I/we give full consent that my child may take part in the activities at the school and understand that all activities are undertaken at my/our own risk;

2. I/we understand that while every reasonable caution will be taken, I hold harmless and absolve the school against and from any claims whatsoever which may arise from loss, damage or injury to any person, child or property during any academic activity, extra murals, sports days, excursion or school outings;

3. While your child is a learner at the school, we undertake to exercise reasonable skill and care for his/her education and well-being during school hours;

4. Whilst I/we understand that care is taken to prevent allergic reactions, which I have made the school aware of, I indemnify the school against any liability should my child suffer an allergic reaction at school;

5. I/we delegate the necessary authority to the principal, educators, and educator assistants of the school or his/her nominated representative, to act in loco parentis
in the event of our child being injured in an accident, with the aim of ensuring our child’s best care;

6. I/we will be responsible for any/all medical aid costs that may arise from the treatment of my child after an accident or emergency, and I/we indemnify the school’s employees, principal, educators, educator assistants from any claim arising out of these actions;

7. The school does not take the responsibility for the loss, theft, damage of any private property your child brings onto the school premises including clothing, shoes, bags, water bottles, toys, or any other personal belongings;

8. I/we undertake to ensure that if emergency or contact details change, I/we will inform the school via email or in writing, to ensure that the school’s representatives can contact me timeously, should the need arise;

9. I/we will endeavour to co-operate with the school and encourage my child and give appropriate support at home, complete homework tasks, keep the school informed of matters that affect my child, attend meetings and keep a courteous and positive relationship with all staff;

10. I/we will abide by the following policies: Indemnity Agreement, Enrolment, Sick, Code of Conduct, Bullying, Safety, Classroom & Playground, Discipline or any other

11. I/we are aware of the latest policies, agreements, and indemnity as published on the website and undertake to agree to and comply with any updated or future policies;

12. I/we will inform my child’s educator if my child contracts a contagious disease or illness;

13. I/we will inform the school on the day of my child’s absenteeism;

14. I/we will keep my child at home if he/she is ill or presents any signs or symptoms of illness;

15. I/we understand that payment is due in advance on the 7th day of every month;

16. Overdue accounts of more than one month (30 days) shall be handed over to attorneys/debt collectors for legal action, in which I shall be liable for legal/collection costs incurred;

17. Monthly, termly and annual payments are calculated over a 12 month period irrespective of holidays, non-attendance, or illness;

18. Extra services (photographs, uniform items, etc) are not included in the fees

19. NOTICE/WITHDRAWAL PERIOD: I undertake to give one school term (3 months) written notice via email of my intention to terminate my child’s enrolment or programs offered by the school, failing which, I shall be liable for the full fee due;

20. I/we will pay fees via electronic transfer (Eft) or cash deposit or cash into the school’s bank account;

21. Fees are reviewed annually and the school aims to give atleast one month’s notice of any increases for fees;

22. I/we give permission for photographs or short videos to be taken of my child during the course of the school day for purposes of marketing in newsletters, on the website, or any other means to celebrate the school and your child’s achievements at the school;

23. I/we agree that this indemnity and agreement shall come into force upon signing this document and shall remain in effect for the entire duration of my child’s enrolment at the school;

24. No changes or omissions of clauses may be made to this agreement unless signed by both the parent and the principal of the school;

25. The contact information I/we have given to the school is correct and relevant and to the best of my knowledge at this time and undertake to update my contact information should some change and absolve the school of any liability should I fail to notify the school of the change in contact details;

26. I give permission for my cellphone number to be used in class WhatsApp groups for communication reasons by the respective teacher,


policies of the school as published and when updated at any time;