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*Right of admission reserved.

*A completed enrolment form is required to be considered for enrolment.

*Confirmation of enrolment is only confirmed upon submission of a completed enrolment form accompanied by the enrolment fee.

*It is the parents responsibility to update and inform the school of any changes to personal information or information pertaining to the child eg. Email address, contact number, residential address or any allergies.

*Non-refundable enrolment fee is R200.00

*Notice Period: I undertake to give one school term (3 months) written notice when removing my child/children from the school.

*Written notice is required via email to the principal.


*Parents responsibility to inform class teacher if someone different is collecting learner.

*Respect all RBK staff, learners and parents .

*Classwork books that are sent home, must be returned to the schoo.

*Parents are requested to read newsletters and website.

*Formal meetings with educators or principal are to be scheduled in advance.

*No smoking, no drinking, no firearms, no weapons and no illegal substances are allowed on the school property.

*Bags, clothing, stationery or any personal items must be clearly marked.

*No personal toys are allowed at school.


*Display good manners.


*Greet educators and visitors

*No littering

*No rough games or physical fighting

*No personal toys allowed

*Show respect towards educators

*Respect the school’s educational toys, equipment, stationery and property

*Respect fellow learners and their property

*No hitting, biting, kicking, pinching, punching, slapping

*Time out rule – one minute per age group. If there are discipline issues that require more attention, it is our goal to communicate with parents immediately and help work out ways to improve the situation.


Learners are requested to not attend school for 48 hours if:

*The learner has been booked off sick by a doctor or who are not medically fit for any reason whatsoever

*If a child is suffering from a high fever, severe sweating, lethargy, persistent uncontrollable crying or difficulty breathing.

*Respiratory illness such as bronchitis, influenza, flu symptoms, croup, chesty cough or sore throat

*Diarrhoea, vomiting, pink eyes, mouth sores, lice

*Rashes, chicken pox, measles, or any other contagious diseases

*Staff are requested to phone parents to collect the child if they feel that the child is experiencing any symptoms above and have the authority to request a doctor’s note if there is cause for concern.


Monday – Thursday: 7:30am – 12:45pm

Friday: 7:30 am to 11:15


*Staff endeavour to supervise learners in classrooms and on the playground and equipment during break times

*Outdoor equipment is checked and maintained on a regular basis

*Extinguishers are accessible and serviced regularly

*First Aid box is clearly marked, well stocked and accessible to all staff

*Gloves are instructed to be worn by staff when administering any blood/cuts/scrapes/wounds

*Sores and cuts to be covered with a dressing or plaster if blood is noticed

*No learners are allowed to leave the school grounds

*All surfaces are kept neat and clean and toys and play items are washed on a regular basis

*The daily routine encourages learners to learn about personal hygiene

*The toilets and handwash basins are cleaned regularly

*Clothing is changed if needed (if a child messes themselves)

*Lunch time is supervised to the best of staff’s ability

*Staff are qualified in first aid procedures and endeavour to use their discretion when treating injuries.


All accidents and incidents will be recorded in the accident/incident book. If a child arrives with an injury(which occurred at home), this will be reported to the principal and an accident report form will be filled in.


Extra murals are offered. These are optional and not included in your monthly fee.


Progress reports for your child are sent out in June and December(Termly for Grade R)